Preparation & Blessing

Sunday was the third training meeting out of five for all the short-term mission teams at Village Bible Church.  It  has been so encouraging to be preparing with 35 other people to do the Lord’s work this summer.  But what is so much more encouraging is knowing the God is using so many more people than that on a daily basis to do His work.  We are not just preparing to “do missions” this summer, but through this preparation time we are strengthening our faith, preparing our hearts, and renewing our minds for living lives of purpose and mission for Christ on a daily basis.
I am thankful for a group of people that is memorizing Scripture together, praying together, encouraging on another, and stepping out in faith together.  Some of these people I didn’t know before February, but we are all part of God’s family and I know God is going to do some awesome things this summer.  In fact He’s already doing so pretty awesome things.